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Welcome to Eastimage Africa

Welcome to Eastimage, one of the world's leading manufacturers of x-ray scanners and other high quality security equipment. Distributed, serviced and sold under the original and Roteck brand in South Africa, and the rest of Africa, by Roteck South Africa.

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Eastimage is major supplier of x-ray baggage scanners, walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, under-vehicle scanners and chemical (drug and explosive) detectors. Holding the mission of “Building a safer world” while encouraging a core culture of “Bright & Simple”, Eastimage promotes strategic brand and innovation management.
With its advanced technology and superior products, gratifying results have been achieved in the areas of civil aviation, road and rail traffic, large-scale international events, major sports events and many other industrial applications.

New: Automation and remote viewing

The new Roteck non radiation BagScan has it already, now we can also offer to upgrade any size and model x-ray baggage scanner for fully automated operation in single or dual direction plus wireless remote viewing on any Wi-Fi enabled or network connected device.

Advantage is, no permanent site operator is required anymore, no button to activate, no monitor to supervise. If supported by the original equipment - all Eastimage scanners are fully supported - automation can be used in both directions to screen incoming and outgoing traffic. Remote viewing enables for wireless single and multiple viewing on any size monitor, PC or laptop, smart phone, tablet etc. as well as external backup recording; locally within Wi-Fi range or external via Ethernet, intranet or internet. Additional CCTV and audio to monitor the surrounding can also be mixed into the streamed signal. These additional functions must be supported by the scanner’s hard and software (all Windows versions from XP up). It’s not only convenient and easy to operate but also power saving and extends the conveyor’s lifespan.

Modifications are developed, manufactured and exclusively available at Roteck South Africa and selected partners.